A discussion on the effects of the environment on the art of jeffrey smart

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A discussion on the effects of the environment on the art of jeffrey smart

Life[ edit ] Jeff Smart, as he was generally known for the first thirty years of his life, was born in Adelaide in Inhe moved to Sydney and spent the next 2 years there as an art critic for the Daily Telegraph —54an arts compere called Phidias for the ABC children's radio programme The Argonautsand a drawing teacher at the National Art School — He exhibited throughout this period at the Macquarie Galleries.

Smart died of renal failure in Arezzo on 20 Juneaged His stark portrayals of contemporary life, both realistic and absurd, have been the basis of many artistic discussions.

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At the same time his paintings — full of bold colours and perfect symmetry — are beautiful. The repetition of road signs in his works, for example, suggest an inconclusive direction and a world outside the frame is tantalising suggested. Figures are present in many of Smart's paintings.

These are said to be "impassive observers, reconciled to the contemporary state of things, prepared to accommodate themselves to an increasingly impersonal environment" or as "statements on the dehumanising conformity of modern architecture and social painting".

According to Smart however, "the truth is I put figures in mainly for scale". It is Smart's precise and unequalled attention to clean lines, composition and geometrics that make his eye-catching paintings stand-out "in the story of modern Australian art". My only concern is putting the right shapes in the right colours in the right places.

It is always the geometry". The golden mean is a geometric proportion, the ratio of which is approximately 1: This complex network of interlocking rectangles, triangles and diagonal lines, is used to calculate the structure of Smart's paintings, which form the basis of all his artworks.

For Smart, geometry and precision of the composition is the key to successful art, much like how comedic timing is the key to the effectiveness of a punch line. I want to paint this explicitly and beautifully Others have cast him as a realist, hyper-realist, 'off-beat classicalist' and a metaphysical painter.

Some critics have even referred to Smart's paintings as portraying 'Orwellian gloom'[ who? James Gleeson believes that Smart's paintings are "too real to be real"; and believes that his realist portrayals of 20th century life are nothing more than superb geometrical compositions and bold colour, of man in his naturalistic, man-made environment.

It is true, for instance, that trees are rarely seen in Jeffrey Smart's artworks, and the only grass is that growing between concrete stones, but as Smart claimed: I am trying to paint the real world I live in, as beautifully as I can with my own eyes It's obvious a bunch of flowers or a billabong is beautiful, and I love natural beauty, but I am not moved by it.

Smart believed that people should view art with their eyes and not their head.🔥Citing and more!

A discussion on the effects of the environment on the art of jeffrey smart

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