An analysis of the early ages in history to the present day in the process of playing football

The Royal Shrovetide football match is a supposed survival of this early form of the game. Modern scholarship has, however, revealed that small-side games, played by young men according to locally agreed rules, were commonplace and as such, went largely unrecorded.

An analysis of the early ages in history to the present day in the process of playing football

History[ edit ] A concussionfrom the Latin word concussiois a frequent injury among football players.

The oldest formation: 1-1-8 and its other two variants, 1-2-7 and 2-2-6

Concussions occur when the head is subject to a large impact force, resulting in a minor brain injury. There has been a growing concern about concussions since the early s.

Ina Harvard student athlete died from a head injury and the team doctors released a report titled "The Physical Aspect of American Football" in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal describing the type, severity, and number of injuries the team sustained in the season. Tagliabue appointed rheumatologist Elliot Pellman to chair the committee.

The league legal representation has been shown to have had ties to the tobacco industry legal defense. Biomechanical engineers and neurosurgeons informed the Committee that the helmet safety standard at that time was insufficient to minimize the risk of concussions.

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A six-year study by the Committee concluded that, "Players who are concussed and return to the same game have fewer initial signs and symptoms than those removed from play.

Return to play does not involve a significant risk of a second injury either in the same game or during the season. A report by the Center for the Study of Retired Athletes at the University of North Carolinafor example, found a connection between numerous concussions and depression among former professional football players.

Further, the Center's follow-up study in associated both brain impairment and Alzheimer's disease with retired NFL players who had histories of concussions. This expanded focus of health care is necessary in order to avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest emerging in the concussion research, concussion management and related return to play decision-making process.

Brady sent a cover letter and detailed objections on behalf of NFL retired players to the presiding US district court judge, Anita Brody.

Robert Cantu of the American College of Sports Medicine noted bias in the committee's extremely small sample size and held that no conclusions should be drawn from the NFL's studies. Committee has drawn a number of important conclusions about head trauma and how to treat it that contradict the research and experiences of many other doctors who treat sports concussions, not to mention the players who have suffered them.

He found about 11 percent of the study participants suffered from clinical depressionwith a threefold increased risk in former players who had a history of three or four concussions. The results reported that Alzheimer's disease or similar diseases appear to have been diagnosed in former NFL players vastly more often than in the general population at a rate of 19 times the normal rate for men ages 30 through The NFL responded to these results by claiming the study was incomplete.

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It was also found that leather helmets provided similar results to modern helmets, and in some cases, the leather helmets proved to have superior protection against concussive blows.

However, the leather helmets did not provide as much protection against skull fractures.

An analysis of the early ages in history to the present day in the process of playing football

All players in the league are also mandated to take a baseline neurological and physical exam. The baseline neurological exam is either a computerized or paper and pencil exam that will test different brain functions.

The exam tests attention span, memory, language, speech skills, reasoning, planning, and organizational skills.

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The results of this test are used as a baseline if a player suffers a head injury at any point throughout the season. This also gives the physician and athletic trainer the time to go over any previous concussions, discuss the importance of reporting any symptoms of a concussion, and explain the concussion protocol that is in place for the current season.

One of these roles involves an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant who work with other team physicians and athletic trainers to conduct evaluations.

Another position involves athletic trainers who are positioned in the booth at every game to spot potential concussions in players from both teams.

These spotters review film throughout the game that could possibly result in concussions and are capable to call "medical timeouts" to relay that information to the medical personnel on the sidelines so that further evaluation can be conducted.

These spotters have been in use since the season. If the player is diagnosed with a concussion, they are prohibited from re-entering the game or practice that day.

According to the league's protocol, signs of a concussion include: If the medical staff rule the player clear from a concussion, then the video of that hit must be reviewed before the player can re-enter the game or practice.

Along with the continuous examination prior to a concussion, the player must meet standards that are in place by the league in order to return a game or contact practice. The player may not return to football activities until he has returned to his baseline cognitive function. Next, the player must go through a graduated exercise challenge, followed by a gradual return to practice and play.This volume investigates the ways in which people in the early Middle Ages used the past: to legitimate the present, to understand current events, and as a source of identity.

The Uses of the Past in the Early Middle Ages History / Ancient / General History / Ancient / Greece History / Europe / General History / Europe / Medieval 4/5(3). Football Outsiders is the internet home for Innovative Statistics and Intelligent Analysis of the NFL and college football. Our writers, led by Aaron Schatz, also provide content to and write the annual book Football Outsiders Almanac.

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 15 Nov - Discovering Our Past: a History of the World, Early Ages, Student Edition Ms World History by Spielvogel. The game of football is generally considered to date back to the mob football games played in the Middle Ages between rival villages without rules and with unlimited players on each side.

The Royal Shrovetide football match is a supposed survival of this early form of the game. On Nov. 12, , Heffelfinger received $ in cash for playing in a football game.

There may have been others before him, but a document unearthed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame nearly 80 years later provided the first irrefutable evidence of a person being paid to play. Heffelfinger posthumously earned the status as the country’s first professional football player.

Wright started playing football in , for a different women’s team in Philly and also as part of the Lingerie Football League, before founding the Phantomz in

An analysis of the early ages in history to the present day in the process of playing football
Andrew Jackson quote: From the earliest ages of history to the present day