Disadvantages of hiring foreign maid

The advantages of having a domestic worker Many local and expat families in Singapore employ the services of a full-time domestic worker, since domestic work is affordable in the city-state while it is also highly beneficial to many families. Having a live-in helper gives parents freedom to focus on their jobs, and ultimately allows for greater flexibility. It is, however, a big decision and it is vital to put in the effort required to find a great domestic helper suited to the family — and train her after she starts her job. Why hire a helper?

Disadvantages of hiring foreign maid

But privileged couples or families could easily take their relations along to live with them in cities. Such relations are usually accorded all the rights and privileges the nuclear family members enjoy.

In most cases, some of these domestic aides usually become integral part of the families that engage their services. They are trusted and given unfettered access to everywhere at homes. In those days, communality governed societal values as there were love and trust among Nigerians. Relations and parents could easily release their wards to live with people without any qualms.

In recent years, with technological innovations, crime has increased and trust has become a scarce commodity.

Parents find it difficult to release their wards to relatives to serve as domestic aides. Also, the practice has been turned into business with its attendant risks and challenges.

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This development coupled with the increasing economic pressure led Nigerians into hiring domestic aides from anywhere, without pondering Disadvantages of hiring foreign maid its risk.

A celebrated case was that of the Lagos working class couple, Mrs Adebisi Orekoya and her husband, Leke, who hired a nanny through the assistance of an online portal-OLX in March 7, The Orekoya family had hurriedly employed one Mary Akinloye 23whose real name is said to be Funmilayo Adeyemi as nanny, to take care of their four children without first conducting background checks on the lady.

When Adeyemi phoned the Orekoyas and indicated interest in the job, they immediately agreed to employ her in the interim, hoping to do necessary documentation later.

Before her resumption for work the nanny had given the contacts of her supposed relatives, a brother and a sister, with whom Orekoyas spoke on the telephone and the phony brother and sister had agreed to meet with the Orekoyas during the week to finalise documentation.

Little did Adebisi and her husband, Leke Orekoya, know that the nanny was on an evil mission and actually working with a kidnapping ring. After the nanny had absconded with the kids no one from her end responded to calls anymore. The gang later called the family from a hideout to demand N15 million as ransom, a demand that was later reduced to N13 million and the family was given two days to produce the amount or lose the children.

Luckily for Orekoyas, the police tracked the nanny and rescued the children alive and reunite them with their family. While the Orekoyas were lucky that police rescued their children alive, that was not the case with others, who have fallen victim to their domestic aides.

One of such unlucky persons was an Ondo High Chief and businessman, Ope Bademosi, who was allegedly killed by her domestic aide, a Togolese, Sunday Anani, less than a week he hired him. This development has once more brought to the fore the dangers of hiring domestic aides without profiling them.

On the challenges of engaging domestic aides, a mother of three, who works with an insurance company in Lagos, Mrs Adesuwa Osaiti, told The Guardian: But the insanity displayed by these people can ruin lives if caution is not put in place.

The first help I got was shortly after I had my first set of twins.

Disadvantages of hiring foreign maid

I had to resume work after three months and my mum was due to return to the village right about the same time I was to resume. She had to attend to her crops and business. So, a friend introduced me to a domestic help agency.

All he does was to help with household chores and prepare our meals during the week, while I do basic cooking at the weekend. We gave him a room in the boys quarters with my driver, whom we also sent away after the incident. The most amazing and confusing part is, we have not been able to track that guy down till date.

The agency said they had gone to his family house in their country and nobody has seen him.

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We made it clear to them that they are responsible for each other and if one person poses a problem, the rest of them would suffer the consequences. Two of them are learning trades at Alaba International Market, while the other two attend Government Secondary School within the vicinity. Titilayo Adegboyega also narrates her ordeal with domestic helps, which eventually led to her resignation at work in order to take care of her home and children.

Their respective parents actually gave them away to relieve the financial burden of catering for them. Initially, I found that disturbing and my husband had warned me to keep my dealings with them away from him as he would rather prefer I quit my job and take up a petty business close by to enable me to personally tend to the kids and home, but I refused.Jun 27,  · The market has changed drastically for skilled and unskilled laborers.

There is a growing demand for skills, particularly specialized skills. As a result, the United States has seen a greater. The share of foreign-born people in total employment increased from % in to % in and the share of foreign-citizens increased from % to % over the same period.

Disadvantages of hiring foreign maid

South African employment laws (see above, Laws applicable to foreign nationals) generally do not apply to nationals working abroad. However, they may apply to a South African national who works abroad temporarily on secondment, especially if the employment contract provides for this.

What is the application process for a Saudi Arabia Business Visa and why would you use one over a work visa? This article will tell you how to apply for and why Advantages and Disadvantages of a Saudi Business Visa.

Hiring a Maid in KSA, Saudi Domestic Help ; Tags: Saudi Visa. Aside from this domination, the work role itself is rooted in the global history of slavery, colonialism and other forms of servitude (International Labour Conference, ).

Housekeeping in a hotel is a very physically demanding job that includes many, varied tasks. Typically, in this case study, housekeepers were responsible for cleaning 16 rooms per shift.

The advantages of having a domestic worker