How to write a review on seamless panties

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How to write a review on seamless panties

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I get asked alot about the history of the "Panty" fetish. Why is it girls ask me that men like to wear panties. What draws them to it. Well, I have compiled some info here and I hope you girls and Panty boys enjoy the info we found on the subject. Ill start with one of my own experiences.

Once I caught an ex-boyfriend stealing my panties. He swiped them off the floor and tucked them into his coat pocket on his way out the door.

I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted something to remember me by. He said he wanted to take my panties because they inspired "flashbacks" to our sexual adventures together.

I thought that was rather sweet and romantic. Romantic is a good word to describe an entire bracket of panty fiends. They hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman. Every woman has her favorite pair. Every day they are discarded, dirty, into the hamper.

They are seldom handled by anyone other than the woman who owns them. And panties are one of the most intimate items a woman owns. They want to carry your scent with them. This is not surprising because our sense of smell is a powerful sexual tool. The romantic panty thieves only want the panties that belong to the single woman they lust after.

He uses the panties to enhance his fantasies; the woman who wore them is irrelevant. Quite often these men have panty fantasies early in their sexual development.

Perhaps he then used that image to fuel his sexual imagination. From then on panties continued to inspire his fantasies. Actually owning a pair of panties would enhance his fantasies. Other men are attracted to the fabrics. Panties are made out of soft fabrics like silk and satin.

Just feeling them reminds them of women. And still other men like to wear the panties. To achieve these heightened experiences some men will often steal or spend money to get the items they desire. Stealing the panties can be a kick in and of itself. Any sex act that involves taking a risk like that is usually motivated by adrenaline.

As much as the man may want the panties, he also gets off on the experience of getting away with the crime of stealing. I spoke with one man who bragged about his panty-stealing adventures. He said he enjoyed rummaging through clothes hampers and dresser drawers at parties.

That conversation prompted me to move my hamper out of my bathroom and into a more secure location! I much prefer the idea of men buying panties from willing participants. Selling worn panties is a huge industry in America and around the world.

In Japan the industry is so large that they sell used panties in vending machines along with other adult pleasures like beer and cigarettes.

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Some Japanese schoolgirls are so hip to the high demand for panties that they have taken to selling theirs to strangers after school.Nov 25,  · I got these for my girlfriend, here's what she has to say about them; These panties are really nice and I love how it feels against the skin.

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how to write a review on seamless panties

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how to write a review on seamless panties

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