How to write a sponsorship proposal

This Sponsorship Proposal Template was prepared for those who are looking to pitch a sponsorship deal for an event. When preparing an event proposal, it is essential that the proposal resonate with the prospective sponsor s and explain why their product s or service s should be associated with your event. Customize your cover page for free, like the one above, within the PandaDoc application to fit the theme of your event. This year is going to be bigger and better because of:

How to write a sponsorship proposal

So what should you include in your proposal — and what should you leave out? Writing a Successful Sponsorship Proposal Front it Out — make sure your front page grabs their attention. Publisher is just as good and Word in the right hands can be too.

They know this is a sponsorship proposal. Remember, sponsorship is NOT philanthropy. If appropriate, and if it will work, use their language — see how they describe themselves in their corporate information and try to mirror that in what you are offering as benefits.

By all means, include them in the proposal but try to open with a few benefits that are creative or unique to your charity.

The aim is to grab their interest, get them thinking about the possibilities and encourage them to read more.

Sponsorship Proposal Strategies for Events and Non-Profits

What audience can you put them in front of and, more importantly, how can you help them engage with that audience? Will you send a mailing to your audience on their behalf for example? Give them a platform as a speaker at your event? Give them the opportunity to give away freebies or present themselves in a different way?

One of the most successful sponsorship deals I ever negotiated involved the company wanting to show the general public every aspect of their business. They had a well-known fashion arm but a less-well known production arm plus another that worked exclusively with big name designers.

Would I have included this in the proposal myself?

Step 1: Open your letter with a professional header

At the initial meeting with the Chief Executive to which I came empty handed — ie no proposal I asked him what he would most like to showcase about his business to the general public, listened to what he said, went off and discussed with colleagues in other departments to see what was achievable and came up with this sponsorship that worked brilliantly for both parties.

Put Like with Like — rather than going through pages and pages of benefits listed in a random order, try to keep similar types of benefits together under one heading. So, for example, have a heading for Hospitality that includes bullet points for Event hospitality, tickets, employee involvement, client entertainment etc.

Remember to include information on distribution too — how many hits does your website get, how large is the print run and so on. You can always add in an appendix on this if it is likely to be of interest to a potential sponsor. Format — use lots of images where possible — people and animals work better than landscapes or buildings for encouraging support.

Use their logo throughout the document — perhaps as a header or footer alongside your own. Make sure you have lots of white space and that information regarding benefits is listed as bullet points. Make sections clear with Headline text in a different font or size bolded out or underlined or both.

You want information to jump out of the page and Subsections, bullets and highlighted text all serve to do this. Keep it Short — 3 to 4 pages max is good. That gives you an eye-catching cover, 1 — 2 pages of targeted benefits that have been tailored to this specific sponsor or at least appear to bea page on why they should support you — the impact of what you are proposing to do, how it fits with their branding, who your audience are and how it links with theirs.

Spell it out so they can see where your thinking about this partnership has come from. They can then claim it against VAT earned at the end of the tax year. Other aspects that you could consider including are quotes from other sponsors or previous sponsors which you could pepper throughout the text.

Sponsorship Proposal Template: How to write a sponsorship proposal

Be creative, listen to what sponsors are asking for and, most importantly, make sure you can deliver everything that you promise. Follow these tips for framing a proposal that will give you the best chance to deliver successful sponsorship that is a win, win for both you and your sponsor.Event Sponsorship Proposal Event Sponsorships Sponsorship Proposal Event sponsorships help your event reach its potential.

The dollars invested from a sponsorship add value to your event — without passing the cost on to your attendees. Don't be too formal and use active language.

Keep it clear, concise, and most importantly, keep it honest. Present facts and figures. Write it and then edit it. Use great photos that tell your story Create a Master Document.

Consider alternative ways of sending it to your potential sponsors. Best Practices for Writing Event Sponsorship Letters. Highlight the Event. When asking for event sponsorship, your event needs to be the focal point. Start by detailing the kind of event it is, the theme, the date, and the location.

Then, dive into what you’re looking to raise and why. The key to successful sponsorship is to deliver a deal that is a win, win for both parties and that negotiation starts (but doesn’t end) with your sponsorship proposal.

Add text, multimedia, tables, lists, or slideshows, with leslutinsduphoenix.come catalog: Sponsorship Proposals, Consulting Proposals, Web Design Proposals. See how to write a sponsorship letter and our handy samples. If you’re going to write a letter requesting sponsorship, it’s important that it’s done correctly.

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How to write a sponsorship proposal

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