Making dreams come true

As therapeutic recreation development specialists, my colleague, Rebecca Maloney and I know first-hand the importance of using leisure to improve health, independence and well-being. The duet bicycle, built for two — a resident and a therapeutic recreation therapist — is used as a part of therapy for our residents who experience mild to moderate depression or who are at-risk of depression, for example residents suffering from chronic illness, bereavement and loss or those who are socially isolated. The duet bicycle, St.

Making dreams come true

We do have other jobs on the list for them to finish but, for now, we have a respite. And, so do they!

I must say that I am extremely happy with the results so far. If you recall we have 8 separate areas around our cave. So far we have concentrated the work on areas 3 and 5.

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The rest of the land is work in progress! For now, within these two areas, all that is required is for me to add the finishing touches. Shade is one of the main finishing touches, especially in area 3 at the rear of the cave. There simply is none but, you may have guessed already, I have a few ideas in my idea box located in my head!

The patio at the front has wonderful shade from the original trees and again early evening as the sun drops behind the cave and down from the sky. Secret Garden area 3 The first picture was taken of area 3 now named Secret Garden when we purchased the cave and the second photo shows the rear of the cave.


Original Making dreams come true of secret Garden Original state of back of cave Many changes have been made and the landscape has change considerably. The following pictures show how it is now.

We need to add extra grey gravel, there will be a few extra plants and trees scattered around over the next few months and, as I have said above, some shaded areas, but I want to live with it for a while and decide what type of plants and shade, where to put them and how many I want.

Front Patio area 5 This photo was taken of the front area of the cave in its original state. It was used as a large car park with a couple of trees overlooking the views. I was looking at putting cacti in one and pots and art in the other.

The main patio was to be higher than the other two, but once I had marked the areas out with my trusted paint aerosol can, I realised that this main area would be too high. We are already in an elevated position so any higher and we would be sitting with the Gods. So after a little tweaking we came to the end results.

I am so pleased with the finished patio design. It is the perfect place to sit and watch the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening, watch the bee eaters and the woodpeckers go about their daily duties and sip a long cool drink in the shade of the trees.

From here we have a beautiful, peaceful view where your eyes and imagination can wander, for hours, around the hills with their secret empty caves. It is a great spot for our three dogs Charlie, Barney and Alfie to sit and look out for intruders i.

Alfie is our new pup. I say pup but he is growing at a good rate of knots. At 10 weeks he was 17 kgs. More about him later!

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If you recall, our cave is in two halves. The second half of the cave needs to be repaired and made good so that we can turn it into a holiday let giving us a little income. This will be the next main project and will begin on Monday.

The builders need to yeso plaster all through and repair some of the walls that have saltpetre in them. The rental cave will have two roof patios which are now complete and will be used by our guests.

They give wonderful views and privacy, I just need to furnish them to a high standard and add a few plants! In the rental cave I am thinking along the lines of the designs below.

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When the yeso man has finished this side of the cave he will complete the work outside by coating all of the exterior walls of the cave in capa fina exterior plaster giving the outside a cleaner finish and new look.

Do we have turkeys 2 were advertised recently and John was very keen! The list goes on. But for now, I am happy to sit and consider how to advertise our soon to be holiday cave next door. I need to look at why people would want to stay in the area, what they would be looking for and what their needs may be.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

Making dreams come true

So far, I believe that people come to this wonderful area for one of four reasons.Are you frustrated that your fondest hopes are not working out? How do you make your dreams come true? Whether you are seeking happiness in your marriage, financial security or to overcome emotional stress, Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life will give you answers that work.

The Holidays can be a tough time of year for many families, especially military families who deal with the constant deployments of their loved ones and moving around from duty station to duty station.

Making dreams come true

– Master Bedroom on the main floor – to sq ft on main floor – Plus finished basements and spacious walk-in storage – Double car garage plus 22′ driveway. Every Child Deserves to Know What it's Like to Have a Dream Come True.

Since movies were invented, they have given us a glimpse into the future. There are the dystopian worlds of Metropolis and Mad Max. There are the nicer ones like Back to the Future Part II. We. What is Dreams Come True of Jacksonville?

Dreams Come True is the First Coast’s only locally-based, wish granting organization dedicated to using the power of a dream to bring hope and joy to EVERY First Coast child battling a life-threatening illness.

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