My darkest day

My Darkest Days might be the last true rock band.? They look the part — dangerous haircuts, piercings, lots of black clothing. But most importantly, they live the part.

My darkest day

Chloe Kannan November 1, Oh, late fall. Hi, how are you? You have pretty autumn colors and the best holidays coming up. I always knew that about you. Oh, but no one told me that the worst month in the world for teaching is also included in your time frame. Now fall and I have a very different relationship, but back in my first year, October and I had a very bad falling out, which I will never ever forget.

Seriously, I still remember the time that I just stared in the mirror with my hair all cut off and asking myself—what am I doing? My hair is so short. Why did I do this? The mirror was still slightly foggy from the shower my roommate just took. I knew that I was running late again, but I had My darkest day stop for a moment longer and look into the mirror.

It was just so short. I took my fingers and ran them through the short mass on top of my head. How could I have the audacity to chop off my hair?

I just gave My darkest day the greatest man of my life because I decided to move to the Mississippi Delta. We broke up on the first day of school and the only way for me to get over this was to chop off my hair that he loved so much.

I sighed deeply, grabbing the bathroom sink that desperately needed to be cleaned. Instead there were stains of coffee and sticky notes. I looked at my watch on my wrist.

Pulling myself from the steamed bathroom, I moved my heavy legs into our kitchen which also desperately needs to be cleaned. I poured the remaining coffee into my mug.

Maybe I could go back to bed, I thought. What excuses could I actually pull this time though? I had already taken three days off in October. I took them off two weeks ago when I went back to visit my alma mater. I still remember how happy I was on that football game day weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The cool breeze and the mesmerizing autumn colors surrounded my best friends in the whole entire world like we were in a snow globe that could never be touched.

The memories draped over me like blankets, and I never wanted to wake up. Hitting the bar was like riding a bike. My girlfriends and I shared our pitcher of Oberon and sat at our favorite table ordering our favorite pizza stix appetizer.

I could walk into my favorite coffee shop, smelling the sweet aromas and look around at the motivated students panicking over the deadlines. I felt like me again.

I was Chloe, the undergrad. Not Chloe, the girl that decided to take a chance, move to out in the middle of nowhere Mississippi, and was now miserable post-college.

A close college friend drove me back to the airport that Sunday and I just sobbed hysterically the whole ride there. She smiled at me gently as I roll my eyes at her. I got on the airplane and cried quietly on the flight. It was a two-hour drive back to my house, but it felt like an eternity.

I remember sitting in the car remembering that I have no lesson plans for tomorrow, no game plan, no motivation, and just sobbing some more. I called my principal the next morning and said that I was too sick to come in.

She sighed deeply and hung up. I threw the phone on the floor and stayed in bed for the next six hours. I push myself mentally to get out the door.

How am I going to make it? Everyone said this month is so bad, but no one explained it the way it needed to be explained.May 08,  · Watch video · Darkest Day belongs to the worst kind: amateur-cinematography, "actors" who can't act at all.

No budget. No story.

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I guess even no script. No nothing If u want to waste money and/or lifetime this movie is for you. If you don't want to get ripped off just skip this piece.

It's even hard to fill the 10 lines demanded for /10(K). Song. 2.

My darkest day

[All Night I weepe, all Day I cry, Ay me]All Night I weepe, all Day I cry, Ay me, I still doe wish, though yet deny, ay me: I sigh, I mourne, I say that still, I only am the store for ill, ay me. Listen to music from My Darkest Days like Save Yourself, Porn Star Dancing & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from My Darkest Days.

MY DARKEST DAYS was Awesome!!! Opening for a crap band. They were the stars and are the stars in my mind and my wife's.

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Still have the hat Darkest Days signed and haven't washed it. Can still read the signature. Love this band. PS Dancing is just amazing as well as their many other songs.

Great packaging of the cd and love the music/5(). Lyrics to "Darkest Day" song by Loretta Lynn: Darlin' when you told me you were leavin' I thought that you were only foolin' me But here I am to f. Watch the video for Porn Star Dancing from My Darkest Days's Porn Star Dancing for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

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