Telecom marketing strategy

But the innovation and technology development allows companies to become more competitive. As a marketer, trusting and knowing you have a good product is not enough. Writing down how good you feel about your product and backing it up with facts is important.

Telecom marketing strategy

Consumers, individuals and corporations alike, depend on telecom businesses for transparent communication. Thus, when it comes to furthering client relations and consumer engagement, marketers must employ the latest technology -- taking a multi-platform approach in amassing their global Telecom marketing strategy, retaining customer loyalty through on-target messaging, interesting content and compelling conversation.

Such a large and diverse industry requires that marketers have an acute understanding of the various audience segments they serve. From enterprise customers to telecom carriers and equipment manufacturers to mobile consumers, telecom companies must remain cognizant of the fact that not all content appeals to every audience, and that certain platforms are more effective means of communication when presented to the appropriate audience.

Furthermore, when implementing a well-executed content marketing strategy it's important to focus on the continuance of conversation, rather than simply pushing the latest product or innovation service.

Below are four key tips and case studies on how to effectively develop a tactical content marketing strategy guaranteed to boost brand awareness, retain customer loyalty and augment user interaction with your services and products.

Consider consumer pain points and priorities. As a telecom marketer, it's hard not to jump to defend the industry's long standing reputation as one ridden with hidden surcharges, exorbitant monthly rates, complex contracts and overpriced devices.

However, Virgin Mobile has been leading the pack in terms of friendliness and approachability. In an attempt to target a younger demographic, specifically year-olds, Virgin's US-based marketing team, led by CMO Ron Faris, sought to hit the pain-point of most young mobile users nationwide -- high monthly charges Telecom marketing strategy voice usage when the majority of their time was spent not talking on the phone.

As a prepaid mobile provider, Virgin took advantage of their market position, as well as their knowledge of their target audience, to develop a campaign with data, not voice usage, at its core. Virgin's strategy was spot on. In turn, data usage is key to young customers, especially those in the age range.

Thus, as a way to engage their target audience, Virgin partnered with the popular, ever-viral website BuzzFeed, putting content at the forefront of their campaign. VirginMobileFeed -- an entertainment hub featuring live streams of pop music, viral content and direct links to Virgin's various social media channels, including Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

Virgin's in-house editorial team, trained by BuzzFeed staff, ensured that all content was relevant, clicky and "newsroom worthy," guaranteeing that interesting, shareable, or friendly, content was at the heart of Virgin's efforts.

Virgin internally acknowledged customer pain points in regards to their industry at large, and made an effort to turn them on their head. By ramping up the fun and friendliness quotient in their content offerings to consumers, Virgin honed in on what they knew their youthful customers would enjoy, and, by partnering with BuzzFeed, developed a fun content strategy destined to go viral.

When Samsung sat down to craft their marketing strategy for the Android-based Galaxy S3 in anticipation of the iPhone 5 release, marketers knew they had to focus on touting their own product and its unique capabilities while acknowledging the existence of their direct competitor's achievements.

As seen in the case of Virgin, focusing on consumer pain points is always an excellent way to garner a reaction; Apple, Samsung's biggest competitor, was banking on their existing brand cache and customer loyalty in order to hit proposed sales and revenue targets for the iPhone.

And, while the iPhone 5 was expected to be a huge success technologically speaking, Samsung took advantage of Apple's ongoing triumphs when crafting an integrated marketing for the release of their own device. Samsung chose to forgo traditional marketing tactics and decided to go viral with social video.

The result was a subtle and very clever commercial addressing the central pain points of iPhone users such as exorbitant costs, long lines at retail locations, software glitches, incompatible power adapters, screen size and so forth.

The video's placement on YouTube was another agile strategy; given the massive volume of traffic YouTube amasses each month.

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By showcasing the commercial on YouTube, Samsung recognized it's viral potential and the value of YouTube's potential as an innate broadcasting and publicity tool. Be timely and relevant; serve up content when your audience needs it most. When you purchase a new mobile device, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to use it in its entirety without some form of guidance or instruction from the manufacturer.

In fact, there are probably several undetected shortcuts to learn as you become more familiar with the phone itself. The latest email marketing strategy from Verizon Wireless takes the wait and theorizing out of the equation by deploying a series of targeted email newsletters to new device owners directly following their purchase.

The intent of these emails is purely informational, and not intended to drum up immediate business.

Telecom marketing strategy

Given the fact that the recipient made a recent purchase and most likely won't be investing in a new device for another one to two years.How Telecom Companies Are Using Content Marketing to Attract Consumers.

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Cellular Providers developed its sales and marketing strategy by analyzing its own internal strengths and then analyzing current market conditions. This process helped Cellular Providers create its marketing and sales strategy to leverage its competitive advantages with a unique marketing strategy.

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Telecom marketing strategy

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