The last full measure report

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The last full measure report

Based on Q1-Q2 data Introduction 5G is on the horizon, but for now LTE is still the name of the game as mobile carriers in the United States continue to invest in and fine-tune their infrastructure to improve speeds and more efficiently use existing spectrum. In Q1-Q2the U.

During this period, 2, unique mobile devices were used to perform over 12 million consumer-initiated cellular network tests on Speedtest apps. After analyzing those tests, Ookla is able to determine the carriers with the fastest and most consistent networks across the nation.

Country speeds Mean download speed over mobile in the U.

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The mean upload speed for mobile was 8. We take speeds from the 10th percentile, 50th percentile also known as the medianand 90th percentile, and combine them in a weighted average using a 1: When considering carrier speeds, we look specifically at tests completed on modern devices, those devices that are capable of connecting to the fastest, broadly-available wireless networks.

How the big four carriers are improving their networks To better understand why carriers rank as they do, we looked at their infrastructure investments over the past year. While these investments have contributed to improved speeds, they also provide the foundation for strong 5G experiences.

Because this type of spectrum propagates farther, it allows the operator to cover vast geographical areas more efficiently and utilize fewer cell sites in the process. This strategy provides a significant capacity boost in targeted dense urban areas, creating the possibility of real world speeds approaching Mbps.


Verizon has been busy addressing capacity demand by adding new cell sites, mostly in urban cores. The process of network densification offers many benefits to end users, such as: Although the extent of the implementation appears to be dependent on the infrastructure hardware and software availability.

In markets where Verizon has been using Ericsson technology, a minor upgrade to existing hardware is all that is needed to enable these features. However, the process of replacing older legacy Alcatel-Lucent hardware with the newer Nokia Networks equipment has slowed down the rollout of these efficiency-boosting measures in other markets.

Additionally, the use of LAA also improves the experience for users with older devices by freeing up resources in the licensed bands to increase speeds for everyone.

This will continue until all the radios and base stations are replaced with newer and more advanced Nokia equipment. In some markets, Sprint customers are experiencing faster download speeds than those on any other carrier.

However, this reallocation degraded upload speeds which were already in the single digits.

The Last Full Measure (The Civil War Trilogy, #3) by Jeff Shaara

Sprint could further improve coverage and capacity in the 2. While Sprint holds large swaths of spectrum in the 2. This has especially been the case in situations where 2.

Merging with T-Mobile could offer a solution to both of these pain points.

The last full measure report

This speed should deliver a strong HD experience at p and is generally sufficient to surf the web, connect to social accounts and view most content on a mobile connection. Verizon was a close second.

A last place HDSR of Comparing performance on two popular devices To see how carriers stack up on two popular devices, we reviewed Speedtest results fromApple iPhone Xs and 20, Samsung Galaxy S9s during Q1-Q2 The difference in fastest carrier between the two devices can be explained by the fact that the Galaxy S9 has four receive antennas and the iPhone X does not.

Without the ability to leverage more than two spatial streams, achievable speeds on the iPhone X are chiefly limited by the aggregate amount of LTE spectrum that each carrier has deployed and the ability of the iPhone X to address up to 60 MHz of spectrum on the downlink by the way of 3X Carrier Aggregation.The Last Full Measure (published May 2, , by Ballantine Books; ISBN (10 ISBN number), ISBN (13 ISBN number) is the sequel to The Killer Angels and Gods and Publisher: Ballantine Books.

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