The legend of james bowie essay

Order now Larger than life itself, James Bowie has inspired many legends.

His father had been wounded while fighting in the American Revolutionary Warand in married the young woman who had nursed him back to health. The Bowies first settled in Georgia and then moved to Kentucky. At the time of Bowie's birth, his father owned eight slaveseleven head of cattle, seven horses, and one stud horse.


They sold that property in and relocated to what is now Missouribefore moving to Spanish Louisiana inwhere they settled on Bushley Bayou in what soon became Rapides Parish. All the children learned to read and write in English, but James and his elder brother Rezin could also read, write, and speak Spanish and French fluently.

James Bowie became proficient with pistol, rifle, and knife, [15] and had a reputation for fearlessness. When he was a boy, one of his Indian friends even taught him to rope alligators.

The Bowie brothers arrived in New Orleans too late to participate in the fighting. The extent of Bowie's participation is unclear, but he returned to Louisiana before the invasion was repelled by Spanish troops.

The legend of james bowie essay

For the next seven years, the brothers worked together to develop several large estates in Lafourche Parish and Opelousas. Without the capital required to buy large tracts, [24] they entered into a partnership with pirate Jean Lafitte in to raise money.

By then, the United States had outlawed the importation of slavesand most southern states allowed anyone who informed on a slave trader to receive half of what the imported slaves would earn at auction as a reward.

Bowie made three trips to Lafitte's compound on Galveston Island. On each occasion, he bought smuggled slaves and took them directly to a customhouse to inform on his own actions. When the customs officers offered the slaves for auction, Bowie purchased them and received back half the price he had paid, as allowed by the state laws.

He then could legally transport the slaves and resell them at a greater market value in New Orleans or areas farther up the Mississippi River.

Within two years, they had established the first steam mill in Louisiana to be used for grinding sugar cane. With their profits, James and Rezin bought a plantation in Arkansas. In MayCongress authorized the superior courts of each territory to hear suits from those who claimed they had been overlooked.

Although the Superior Court originally confirmed most of those claims, the decisions were reversed in February after further research showed that the land had never belonged to the Bowies and that the original land grant documentation had been forged.

Supreme Court upheld the reversal in Bowie knife and Sandbar Fight Bowie became internationally famous as a result of a feud with Norris Wrightthe sheriff of Rapides Parish. Bowie had supported Wright's opponent in the race for sheriff, and Wright, a bank director, had been instrumental in turning down a Bowie loan application.

The duellists each fired two shots and, as neither man had been injured, resolved their duel with a handshake. Bowie was shot in the hip; after regaining his feet he drew a knife, described as a butcher knifeand charged his attacker, who hit Bowie over the head with his empty pistol, breaking the pistol and knocking Bowie to the ground.

Wright shot at and missed the prone Bowie, who returned fire and possibly hit Wright.

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Wright then drew his sword cane and impaled Bowie. When Wright attempted to retrieve his blade by placing his foot on Bowie's chest and tugging, Bowie pulled him down and disemboweled Wright with his large knife.

The doctors who had been present for the duel removed the bullets and patched Bowie's other wounds. Witness accounts agreed that Bowie did not attack first, and the others had focused their attack on Bowie because "they considered him the most dangerous man among their opposition.

Multiple accounts exist of who designed and fabricated the first Bowie knife. Some claim that Bowie designed it, while others attribute the design to noted knife makers of the time. Many craftsmen and manufacturers made their own versions, and major cities of the Old Southwest had "Bowie knife schools" that taught "the art of cut, thrust, and parry.

Inhe became engaged to Cecilia Wells, who died in Alexandriaon September 29, two weeks before they were to be married. He stopped at Nacogdoches, at Jared E.

McKinney, one of the Old Three Hundred colonists. Other areas assembled similar volunteer militias, and Bowie commanded a group of the volunteers. Bowie may have been the first to induce settlers to apply for empresario grants, which could then be sold in bulk to speculators as Bowie had.

Bowie also lied about his age, claiming to be 30 rather than After a short time, however, they moved into the Veramendi Palace, living with Ursula's parents, who supplied them with spending money.

After Mexico won independence from Spaingovernment interest in the mining potential waned. A number of native groups roamed the area, including ComancheLipan ApacheTawakoniand Tonkawa.

A Fictional Dairy of James Jim Bowie | Essay Example

Without government troops to keep hostile natives at bay, mining and mineral exploration were impossible. Some believed that after the Mexican citizens left the area, the Lipan took over the mine.A Fictional Dairy of James Jim Bowie Essay Sample James Bowie was born on April 10, in Logan County (USA) to Rezin Bowie and Elve Ap-Catesby Jones.

Bowie and his brother Rezin enlisted in the Louisiana militia in the late following a plea of volunteers to .

May 23,  · James "Jim" Bowie was an American pioneer and frontiersman.

The legend of james bowie essay

Born in Kentucky in , he move around with his family to Missouri, then Louisiana. A Fictional Dairy of James Jim Bowie Essay Sample James Bowie was born on April 10, in Logan County (USA) to Rezin Bowie and Elve Ap-Catesby Jones.

Bowie and his brother Rezin enlisted in the Louisiana militia in the late following a plea of volunteers to . James Bowie, byname Jim Bowie, (born ?, Logan County, Ky., U.S.—died March 6, , San Antonio, Texas), popular hero of the Texas Revolution (–36) who is mainly remembered for his part in the Battle of the Alamo (February–March ).

Bowie migrated with his parents to Missouri () and then to Louisiana (). At 18 he left home, clearing land and sawing timber for a living.

Jim Bowie and the Bowie knife have almost become synonymous. In the early 's it was common place for men to carry a knife as a sidearm but it wasn't until that the famous Bowie knife was made that forever carved a niche in history for Jim Bowie.

James Bowie (/ ˈ b uː i / BOO-ee; c. – March 6, ) was a 19th-century American pioneer, who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution, culminating in his death at the Battle of the Alamo.

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