The smile factory work at disneyland

May 22, By Henry Pierson Curtis, Sentinel Staff Writer Wearing a hijab has meant not being able to work at Walt Disney World, according to a former employee who claims she lost her job because she refused to remove her Muslim head scarf. Aicha Baha's civil-rights suit, served this week on Disney, may be the first-ever challenge of the employee dress code at the Central Florida attraction. Disney policy prohibits the wearing of anything but Disney-issued hats and visors. Any form of discrimination over religious beliefs is prohibited by the Civil Rights Act.

The smile factory work at disneyland

Dubbed a 'Disneyland for foodies' and billed as the biggest venture of its kind in the world, FICO Eataly World is located on the outskirts of Bologna. It is the brainchild of Oscar Farinetti, the entrepreneur behind Eataly, a global network of upmarket Italian food halls that has taken New York and a string of other major cities around the world by storm in recent years.

Spread over ten hectares 25 acresthe park, which will operate as a conference venue as well as a tourist attraction, will be run by a partnership of Eataly and Italian retail group Coop.

The venue has been financed by a consortium of private investors and the local authorities in a city famed for its rich cuisine but off Italy's main tourist track.

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Fico is also the Italian word for a fig, and a popular slang term for 'cool'. The multiple meaning is in keeping with Farinetti's multi-faceted vision of a venue that will allow visitors to take part in activity workshops ranging from food photography to gelato-making via the basics of truffle hunting.

But it is also about having fun, eating, shopping," Farinetti told AFP in an interview ahead of Wednesday's opening. The park is also about celebrating the culinary and farming crafts that lie behind many of Italy's most famous gastronomic products, and the bio-diversity of a country that stretches from Mediterranean islands within sight of Africa to snow-capped Alpine peaks.

Visitors can explore that diversity via more than 40 eateries and a similar number of learn-how-its-done displays by specialist producers of everything from rare-breed beef to liquorice sweets. As the opening date nears, Farinetti says he is caught between rampant enthusiasm at seeing a dream realised, and "total panic.

I'm terrified that people won't come in the numbers we expect. You can't help but feel panicked when you start something like this. Betting on success Asked if that target is realistic, Farinetti responds with a broad smile.

The whole world is realistic, I prefer utopia.

The smile factory work at disneyland

I don't know if we will make it but we'll give it our all. Underpinning that ebullience is the success enjoyed by almost all of the Eataly stores that have been opened from Copenhagen to Sao Paolo.

That, he says, is down to the ease in which dishes tasted in Italy or in restaurants can be reproduced in domestic kitchens. And it is very digestible and light.

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Capaldo has teamed up with a seafood wholesaler to create a fish-based fast-food eatery at the park which will showcase his expanding company's white and sparkling wines.Open Document.

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Disney's classic ride, "It's A Small World," turned 50 this week! Here are a few facts to celebrate. 1. When Walt Disney first conceived the ride, it was called "Children of the World." 2.

As many. Unformatted text preview: THE SMILE FACTORY: WORK AT DISNEYLAND by John Van Maanen _ Part of Walt Disney Enterprises includes the theme park its pio- neering form in Anaheim, California, this amusement center has been a consistent money maker since the gates were first opened in

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